Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying to figure out genealogies.

So, I know that Michael Andrew lived in the 1920s-ish, and I know his father and grandfather and son's names, but there I've hit a bump. I THINK that Andrew Aron's son will be Aron Zander, but it might be a little too weird. Okay. I haven't made any sense thus far so I'll start over. Braun was the Cron who brought the Crons back to The Maker. Therefore his line was blessed and ensured. Braun had one son, his son had one son, and so forth. Each son has his father's name before his name to show exactly who he is. For instance, Samuel Michael, Michael Andrew, Andrew Aron, and Aron Zander. And I'm trying to figure out more generations. I think Zander is the one who would be alive in this time period, the only problem with that is his storyline which I will ramble about in another post. Anyway, I basically have a teeny tiny gap that stretches from the time of Christ to about the time of the American War for Independence. Probably a bit later since I'm counting backwards from Andrew, but Crons live longer than we do so there's that. Woah. Rambling feels good! I hope you enjoyed being confused. Tune in next point-in-time-when-I-post-something for the reason why I'm not sure if Zander is a Cron.

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