Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Andrew's Story

Michael Andrew was the first Son of Braun that I ever dreamt about. Actually, when I first dreamt of him, there were no Crons. Their entire civilization came out of what I knew of him. Also, he started out looking more like me, with blue eyes and dark blond hair. Now he has black hair and green eyes. Andrew's name changed a few times too. Not the "Andrew" part, but just about everything else. Finally I got it hammered down (I think) to Michael Andrew, Son of Braun. Lord of the fifth throne, Prince of the Crons. Kinda funny since I have no idea what or where the fifth throne is, or what happened to the first, second, third, and fourth thrones! Andrew's love has always been Katie and she has gone through almost as many transformations as Andrew has. In fact, I have transferred much of my original plans for Andrew and Katie into Aron and Ryu.
But I was supposed to be telling you Andrew's story. Andrew lives in the 1920s. His father, Samuel Michael, was banished after killing Andrews mother and attempting to kill him when he was only a babe. As sort of a counterbalance to finding out that Michael is possessed, the king (William Samuel) finds out that Andrew is The Seer. The only offspring of Adam to have the ability to see demons. And the responsibility to cast out and banish (to Avalon would be optimal, but this hinges on the whole Morgan thing I spoke of in my Zander post) them. He was, like all the other Seers throughout history, trained for battle by The Archangel Michael. (A most unintentional irony because Andrew's father is named Michael.) on his last training session, his first banishing without The Archangel's help, Andrew banishes a demon from inside a little girl (Katie) of his own age, (about six) and promises (Something the binds a Cron for the rest of their lives as they literally cannot break a promise) that if she will always love him, he would always protect her, she promising to always love him if he would always protect her. Just as this promise is completed, a car drives up and Katie's father, who is a demon himself, steps out. Andrew tries to fight him, but the man takes Katie and drives away. As Andrew grows, he never stops looking for Katie, the promise still binding him with all it's strength. A few years later, Andrew is in his early teens and gets captured by a group of demons who ambushed him. They take to the demon in charge of the area who is *ding ding ding* Katie's father. Still furious at Andrew for taking the demon out of his daughter and putting a seal on her so that no others could enter, he entered Andrew into the local insane asylum of which he happened to be the head doctor. Experimenting on and torturing Andrew with medicine as his cover, Katie's father almost kills the seer in the slowest way he can think of when something inside of Andrew snaps. Suddenly he looses all self-control and goes on a murderous rampage on all those around him. Katie's father and Andrew both barely escaped with their lives that day, but only Katie's father escaped with his sanity. More time passes and Andrew is still roaming the world looking for Demons and Katie, whichever came first, but now he has an extra strength (or weakness, depending on how you look at it) because if taken to the point if death, he will snap again. Then, one day, while trying to ferret out a demon in a high school in Moscow, Andrew runs across Katie who, in his absence, had completely forgotten about him. While trying to rekindle his relationship with Katie, Andrew is found by the demon he was looking for and in a mishap, Katie gets attacked. The only think besides being brought to the point of death that makes Andrew snap is someone harming Katie, Andrew banishes the demon and in order to protect Katie from the explosion that the demon sent their way, Andrew opens a portal from our world to the Cron lands, where Katie discovers that the dragon bracelet on Andrew's arm isn't a bracelet at all, but an accrual dragon named Vortex who is able to shrink down to fit on Andrew's arm and be with him in our world. In fact, Katie discovers many things about magic, trust, and herself as she spends a surreal time with the Crons. One day, Andrew takes her to a zoo in our world where a new exhibit, a dog from the Cronlands who just happens to be Andrew's pet, she runs into Michael who learns through her that not only is his son alive, but that he is looking for him. When Andrew finds out that his father knows about Katie, he makes the decision to send her back home. When he gets there he finally makes the connection between the man who took his sanity before and the girl who he loves. Giving Katie a gift just before he leaves, Andrew goes off to find his father. When Katie discovers what the gift is, she goes after Andrew setting the wheels in motion for a battle in which Andrew cannot hope to win. I can't be any more specific about the ending because 1. I don't quite know exactly what happens in the end and 2. Because I don't want to give away what I do know!
So again, leave me some feedback and stand amazed at the awesomeness of the Crons!

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