Friday, March 15, 2013

Cron Lands

After the Great Flood, a group of humans came across a huge tree in the middle if a wood. The rootball of the tree was massive, and the people went into it in order to shelter themselves from the weather. Now, noone is quite sure if their needs and desires were so strong that it fashioned the Cron land around them, or if they Cron lands were already there and the Crons adapted over time. The general consensus is that The Maker made it specially for them.
When you think of the Cron lands, think about the calm before a storm. Nothing is moving, everything is quiet. Now in this silence, imagine trees. Huge, awe-inspiring trees. The tree canopy is so thick, you cannot see the sky at all. Actually, even if you get on top of the tree canopy you still cannot see the sky. There are three layers. The ground, in the trees, and in the "sky" although, there is a great mass of brambles at the very top which cuts them off from the actual sky. It also filters the light so that the UV rays are cut down significantly, allowing them to live longer than we do. A few hundred later, they have spiraled out of control, but a child is born who leads them back into favor with The Maker. Because he did this, The Maker blessed his line. Ever since, each Son of Braun has had exactly one son, an only child, who grows up to take his father's place and lead his people.

So, now you kind of have an idea what their lands look like. Have fun envisioning it!

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